E-Commerce Engineer
& Consultant

Build Better, Faster, Smarter, Headless, Composable Commerce

Eli Geske

Ship =Faster

How can I help your business?

With 15 plus years of web engineering experience, I can help your company find, implement and continually monitor the most pragmatic and tailored approach to a better eCommerce architecture. What you get is an e-commerce software engineer, architect, leader, product and project manager in one resource.

I excel in orchestrating deliverables for complex, cross-functional storefront projects. I have discovered that my abilities are most effective within U.S.-based eCommerce enterprises with annual sales north of $10 million. If this is not you, please don't hesitate to reach out. I maintain a keen interest in offering assistance where possible, or alternatively, guiding you towards a more suitable expert in the field.


Staff Augmentation

As a staff augmentation you can integrate me into a storefront team and get instant velocity for feature products or tough issues.

Team of One

I can take on business teams backlog, prioritize and execute within engineering specifications.

Examples: New Content components, PIM/CMS Integrations, Analytics and Pixel integrations, Personalization tooling etc.

Architecture & Solutioning

Help your teams choose the right vendor or tool for growth by gathering requirements, researching and documenting, and executing.

Site Speed Tuning

Get an indepth audit of your site, suggested fixes with the option of executing.